Becoming a Disciple: Entering the Ocean of Nectar

When Srila Rupa Goswami talked about chanting the holy name of Krishna he said that he wished he had hundreds of tongues to sing it, and thousands of ears to hear it. Not for nothing is his book named the Bhakti-Rasa-Amrita-Sindhu or the Nectar Ocean of Devotion.


There are two birds in a tree…

Thus begins the famous analogy in the Upanishads. One bird is the soul, the other the eternal witness. When the soul is ready the guru appears. I wrote a book about it. After I published The Guru & Disciple Book, many readers wrote to me with extra questions and some theological challenges.

The True Value of Wood

Once, a long time ago in India, there was a poor man who lived with his wife in a small cottage deep in a forest. Every day the man would pick up sticks from the forest floor, make them up into bundles then stack them carefully in a circle. Covering them over with earth he would burn them slowly until the wood had charred black.

The Forgetful Son

Once upon a time there was a child, a young prince, who went out with his father, the king, on horseback. Returning home through a deep forest, there was a skirmish with some local bandits and the child became separated from his father. He was taken in by some kindly pig farmers who lived in the forest and the child grew up to become a pig farmer himself.

Dangerous Kite Flying

Every year on January 14th comes the Spring Equinox. Known in India as Makara Sankranti, it is a holiday that is often accompanied by gusts of wind. One on occasion, a young prince was on the flat roof of his palace, hoping to take advantage of the strong breeze. In his hands was a brightly-coloured kite made of bamboo and paper. After a few attempts to launch it, the kite lifted into the sky, dipped a few times, then soared and twisted, edging slowly upwards.