A Short Self Test

  1. How is your daily sadhana practise? Your following of the fortnightly ekadashi day? What improvements could you make?
  2. Are you generally steady in your practise?
  3. Are you completing your sixteen rounds?
  4. Are the regulative principles easy to follow or do you struggle?
  5. Do you understand the Ten Offences and do you avoid them?
  6. Do you attend temple festivals?
  7. Do you listen to classes by Srila Prabhupada?
  8. Do you have a regular service to Srila Prabhupada’s mission?
  9. How are your relationships with others in your local group?
  10. How many devotees are you in regular connection with apart from your local group members?
  11. Do you have someone with whom you meet for guidance regularly?
  12. Have you attended the ISKCON Disciple course?
  13. Have you completed the Initiation Exam and handed it in?
  14. Have you read the essay Harmonizing ISKCON’s Lines of Authority?
  15. Have you carefully tested your prospective guru using the guidance you’ve been given?
  16. Does your prospective guru provide (a) Guidance (b) Encouragement (c) Teaching (d) Exemplary behaviour (e) Resolutions to your doubts (f) Inspiration?
  17. Have you carefully considered your ability to uphold the vows you’ll be making at initiation?
  18. Do you have written confirmation from your prospective guru that you can begin your relationship as teacher-student? (with a view to formalising this as guru-disciple in the future)
  19. Do you feel that you can remain as a student of this person for life?
  20. Has your prospective guru (a) Been given the authority to initiate disciples? (b) Agreed to accept you as a disciple?